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Zagala, as a band, emerged in Madrid in 2015.

The band members came into contact with the different rhythms, songs and dances of the Iberian peninsula years earlier, through the music and workshops of Eliseo Parra. They soon felt the urge to investigate the Iberian traditional music especially songs based on dance rhythms such as the jota, seguidilla, charro, fandanguillo, ajechao, sevillanas...

Zagala uses instruments such as the mandola, guitar, violin, the Iberian pandero cuadrado from Peñaparda, tambourines, spoons and pans. Zagala's music is characterized by its energy and by the fusion of different instruments from many regions and different periods, producing an original sound.

They participated in different contests in Spain, such as "Burgos: Raíz y Evolución" and "Folkarria", winning prizes and the audience recognition. They have played in prestigious festivals, such as Demanda Folk (Burgos), Folkarria (Madrid), Fiesta de las Cuadrillas de Barranda (Murcia), Ciclo Viernes de la Tradición (Madrid). Besides this, they are experienced playing in a wide range of concert halls in Madrid: Galileo Galilei, Juglar, Rompeolas, etc.

Zagala released their first studio album in 2018 and their music has already been played in well-known radio programmes such as La Tarataña on Spain’s National Radio (RNE), La Riproposta on Radio Clasica RTVE, or Entrelares of Radio Circulo.

Currently they’re preparing an European tour.


  • ‘La Jose’: Singer

  • Esther Sánchez: Five strings violin, voice and Iberian percussions.

  • Iván Mellén: Percussions

  • Alba Chacón: Iberian percussions and background vocals

  • David Torrico: Guitar, mandola, tambourine and voices