At their first concert Trad.Attack! made a joke about having a master plan — to play in every country in the world. Surprisingly it has become real and within five years band has played in 37 countries in 5 continents. There are only 159 more to go…

  • Exciting Estonian sounds in which the old and new collide and spark ·

Trad.Attack! has really turned Estonian music scene upside down by bringing traditional music to the big stages, building modern world around its archaic sounds. It is often said that the band with its three members sounds so big that you would think there's much more people on the stage. They take traditional songs – sometimes starting with scratchy recordings of long vanished village voices – and build pulsating rhythmic structures, creating an impressively big sound from acoustic 12-string guitar, drums and an array of whistles, bagpipes and jew’s harps.

All three band members grew up with music around them and each had been active on the Estonian music scene for more than 15 years before they started Trad.Attack! in 2014. In the beginning it was meant to be just simple, fun and experimental. Surprisingly for the band, their first tune “Kooreke” became a hit in Estonia… Since then the band has received 21 Music Awards in Estonia, released their debut album "AH!" recognized internationally and toured in 37 countries from China to Canada, from Australia to Chile, including significant showcase festivals as WOMEX, Eurosonic and Transmusicales

They’re still a bit surprised about their success but definitely having lots of fun. In May 2017 they released their new album “KULLAKARVA - SHIMMER GOLD" and currently touring with it around the world. 

Folk music is definitely their starting point, but not their boundary. They are young modern people: maintaining their traditional roots in ears, mind and soul, TRAD.ATTACK! experiments with different styles and musical directions.

some PRESS:

  • ‘A wonderful combination of their homeland’s song traditions with modern pulsating rhythms’ Eclised– GERMANY–

  • ‘… They create an almighty sound’ Tony Hillier– Weekend - AUSTRALIA

  • ‘This band didn’t come on stage to seek the audience’s sympathy but to take it… Trad.Attack! reconciles the future with the past and does it cheerfully and complex-free’ - Postimees, ESTONIA

  • ‘Few bands are as in-your-face with their traditude as Estonian trio Trad. Attack… But as it stands, the album is a fascinating glimpse at Estonian magic, as well as a fun, rewarding listen, promising good things in this band's future.’ The Huffington Post, USA (2015)

  • ‘...confident, assured, and playing to their gift for performing great tunes’. RootsWorld, USA (2017)


  • Sandra Sillamaa: Estonian bagpipe, vocals, jew's harp, whistles

  • Jalmar Vabarna: Guitar, vocals

  • Tonu Tubli: Drum, percussions, background vocals