After 15 years touring a great part of the international territory LAS MIGAS announce their new work: ‘Cuatro’.

Las Migas began their career in 2004 when Marta Robles, Sílvia Pérez Cruz (until 2011) and Isabelle Laudenbach (until 2013), all of them students from the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya, decided to form a band and were very soon joined by Lisa Bause (until 2013). They had only just begun when they were already rewarded with the Instituto de Juventud (INJUVE) best Flamenco band award, which meant a qualitative leap foward in their career, leading them to play at differentes events such us the Tarantos, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, the Flamenco Festivas of Ciutat Vella, la Pedrera, and to tour several festivals in Italy, Holland, Hungary, Bulgaria, France or Tunisia.

In 2010 their first own album entitled ‘Reinas del matute’, was finally launched with Raül Refree as their producer and the collaboration of musicians such us Raúl Rodríguez or Javier Colina. The success of the album will lead the group to start a long tour around Spain and Europe.

At the end of July 2011, it was announced that Silvia Pérez Cruz was leaving the group to focus on her own projects. Her last concert with the band took place at the Teatre Grec in Barcelona, after which Las Migas presented their new singer Alba Carmona, who had already worked doing choirs on the album ‘Reinas del matute’ and who brought some fresh air and a somehow more flamenco stylo to the band.

At the beginning of 2012, the second album of the group titled ‘Nosotras somos’, produced by Raúl Rodríguez, initiating a tour around Catalonia southern Spain and Madrid. On Febrary the 21st 2013, coinciding with the performance of Las Migas at the D’Cajón Festival in Barcelona, the group announced the departure of Lisa Bause, a member of Las Migas since its inception in 2004, revealing that Roser Loscos would be the new violinist. In December 2013, the Breton sIsabelle Laudenbach also said goodbye to her collaboration with Las Migas and the Cordovan guitarist Alicia Grillo took over. At the beginning of 2014, they premiered the tour of ‘Nosotras somos’, with themes from the former album with new arrangements and some songs selected from their next one.

In November 2016, they presented ‘Vente conmigo’, produced by Josemi Carmona, this being the first album where Marta Robles, the guitarist Alicia Grillo, the violinist Roser Loscos and the singer Alba Carmona worked together. Most of the songs are their own compositions, many by Marta Robles, and with the collaboration of Miguel Poveda, featured as guest vocalist in one of them. It was with this album that they were nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2017 as the best Flamenco album. In 2018, Alba Carmona has been replaced by Bego Salazar as the band’s new voice.

‘Cuatro’ is the name of the new work presented by Las Migas. They are FOUR female musicians, warriors and travelers. And this album that has been just released after two years of meticulous preparation, is the fourth of their musical career since this band began to travel the world, 15 years ago. They have wanted to pay tribute to all those who were once "Migas", those who are "Migas" today and those who will be one day, with the most beloved songs from their previous albums and a couple of unreleased songs.

Las Migas are still brave, shameless, young and keep fighting to find beauty in every detail. After touring a great part of the international territory with their last work, they announce an amazing tour for 2019/2020 through some of the most important stages in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, the US, Central Europe and, of course, Spain, where the four "Migas" come from. This unusual quartet is composed by: Roser Loscos de Lleida (violin), Marta Robles de Sevilla (guitar), Alícia Grillo de Córdoba (guitar) Carolina Fernández ‘La Chispa’ (voice).They have united the art of their respective lands with the personal contribution of each one, creating a wonderful world, magical, feminine and open to the world.